Recumbent Bicycles

Turning Point Cycles offers a variety of recumbent bicycles to fit every kind of rider.  All listed prices include delivery to our shop, full assembly and custom fitting to your preferences.


The ICE B1 folding bike has dual 20” wheels, ICE compact fold technology and advanced Road Response Suspension.  The B1 folds in under 30 seconds and is at home racing, touring or just cruising to the shops. 

Price: $2,395


The ICE B2 folding recumbent bike with dual 26” wheels is a great machine for high speed long distance riding.  The larger wheels reduce rolling resistance and the higher seating position gives a great view of the road ahead.  The B2 now comes complete with ICE compact fold technology allowing the B2 to be folded in under 30 seconds, adding great convenience to an exceptional riding experience. 

Price: $2,195

Optima Lynxx Optima Lynxx

The Lynxx offers an adjustable seat that can be removed easily making the bike more compact for transport.  It has a stiff, light weight alloy frame, comfortable, stiff composite seat and rear shock that offer a pleasing, fast ride.  The Lynxx is available as an under seat or above seat steering model.  The forward folding handle bars and lower seat height make it easy to mount and the front and rear fenders and large, strong rear rack add to its list of daily uses.

Price: $1,850

Optima Orca Optima Orca

The Orca is Optima’s most recent long distance touring model, especially designed for trekking.  This bike features a combination of a low seat for easy access, plus off-road capability due to its dual 26” wheels.  The Orca is available as an under seat or above seat steering model.  To stay dry on wet roads while carrying your favorite cargo, the bike is equipped with front and rear fenders and a large, strong rear rack.

Price: $1,850

Optima Baron Optima Baron

The Baron is the bike for people who demand nothing but the best performance.  Cutting edge design combined with unsurpassed handling makes this bike the ultimate racing machine, but its unique chain guide design and relaxed geometry makes this racing bike very suitable for the open road.

Price: $2,250

Hase Tagun Hase Tagun

The first recumbent bicycle designed especially for women.  The citrus yellow brings style to your ride — flower décor included.  The Tagun was designed for nature tours.  Its luggage rack can carry two normal panniers and one rack-top bag.  Perfect for commuting or globetrotting.

Price: $2,685