Recumbent Tandems

Fun is meant to be shared, and tandem recumbent bicycles and tricycles are a great way to do it!  Every “delta” trike we sell (with one wheel in front, such as the Greenspeed Anura and the Hase KettWiesel) can be coupled together so that two (or more!) riders can ride in tandem.  However, single bikes or trikes that combine two riders have weight and efficiency advantages, not to mention an incredible look.  All listed prices include delivery to our shop, full assembly and custom fitting to your preferences.

Greenspeed gtt Greenspeed gtt

The Greenspeed gtt is the “limo” of the Greenspeed fleet. S&S Machine couplings allow the frame to be divided in half for portability (or into three pieces, in the case of the gtt5s).  Greenspeed now offers the added option of an independent coasting system, which allows either the stoker or captain to take a break while the other keeps pedaling. 

Price: $7,790 to $9,590

Hase Pino Hase Pino

The Pino is the world’s most flexible tandem bike.  It’s a recumbent and upright cycle, world-trip tandem, touring machine, and family taxi, all in one!  The Pino frame splits in half to allow for easy transport, and its unique recumbent-upright seat combination lets riders enjoy long conversations and share beautiful views, stress free.  An integrated freewheel mechanism allows the front rider to take a breather while the captain continues to pedal. 

Price: $5,225