Recumbent Tricycles

Turning Point Cycles offers a wide variety of both “tadpole” trikes (with two wheels in front) and “delta” trikes (with one wheel in front).  Figuring out which trike is best for you will depend in large measure on where you will be riding the trike, how you will be transporting it when you’re not riding it, whether you want a heavy-duty or a lightweight trike and how quickly you want to be able to pack it down.  All listed prices include delivery to our shop, full assembly and custom fitting to your preferences.

Tadpole Trikes

Greenspeed gt3 Series II Greenspeed gt series II

The gt series (gt1, gt3 and gt5) is a small trike with a big personality.  Designed as an easily transportable trike so that you can fold it up to fit in your car or to take up less space in your garage, its quick fold is achieved with only a 6mm Allen key for the single seat bolt and one quick release for the frame hinge.  The gt series is ideal for commuters, weekend riders, and assisted touring. 

Price: $1,890 to $2,790

Greenspeed x3 Greenspeed x series

The x series (x1, x3 and x5) is a foldable sports trike.  A low seat base lowers the center of gravity for better cornering, front wheels are cambered to increase cornering grip and caster angle has been increased to improve rider feedback.  With a more reclined seat than the gt series (30° rather than 40°) and awesome road holding ability, this is the perfect trike for a fast rider with a need for speed.  Great for commuting, day rides or touring with a trailer. 

Price: $2,790 to $3,490

Greenspeed gto Greenspeed gto

The gto is Greenspeed’s ultimate touring trike.  With robust 20” wheels, an incredible gear range with 81 speeds, and non-crossover steering for extra ground clearance and reassuring high-speed stability, the gto can tackle just about anything. 

Price: $3,950

ICE Adventure ICE Adventure

The ICE Adventure folding trike is ideal for exploring the local trails and enjoying the excitement of recumbent trike riding.  With a higher riding position and more upright seating position the Adventure gives great accessibility and a great view of the trail ahead. 

Price: $2,499 to $3,925

ICE Sprint ICE Sprint

The ICE Sprint folding trike is the machine for all seasons.  Whether it’s the world tour, the weekend adventure or simply carving your favourite bends the Sprint is ready for the challenge.  With a mid height seating position and ICE’s renowned handling the Sprint is a trike which has to be explored. 

Price: $2,499 to $3,925

ICE Vortex ICE Vortex

The ICE Vortex folding trike is the ultimate high performance long distance trike.  With its dynamic low stance, hard-shell seat and sporting provenance it’s already descending the Alpine mountain pass before you’ve even turned the pedals. 

Price: $3,299 to $3,899

Delta Trikes

Greenspeed Anura Greenspeed Anura

The Anura has a plush seat with higher seating position for better visibility in traffic, and ergonomic light-action steering.  Unlike many delta trikes, the Anura comes standard with a rear differential, which powers both rear wheels for better hill climbing and riding on slippery surfaces, as well as disc brakes on all three wheels to provide superb braking power. 

Price: $2,490 (RL), $2,890 (SL)

Hase KettWiesel Hase KettWiesel

The KettWiesel is the delta trike for those who crave a little extra speed: be it weekend fun, on tour or daily commute.  The KettWiesel has an infinitely adjustable seat back, Avid disc brakes for top braking performance, and Marathon tires with Kevlar puncture protection. 

Price: $2,850

Hase Lepus Hase Lepus

Comfort and practicality in perfect synthesis.  The 8-speed Shimano Premium Nexus gears are shifted intuitively and comfortably with twist shifters, and are maintenance-free and robust enough for a long trike lifetime.  Hydraulic disc brakes on the rear wheels provide strong stopping power, and a parking brake secures the front wheel.  The height of the mesh seat is adjustable: up to 27” for oversight in the city, and down to 20” for aerodynamic touring.  Your groceries will fit easily into the trunk behind the seat, and an optional 40-liter pannier will keep your purchases dry in any weather.  Best of all, the Lepus can be folded to fit in a back seat or car trunk. 

Price: $4,085

Hase Trets Hase Trets

The Trets is a trailer, tandem module and recumbent trike for kids all in one.  The trike can be adjusted quickly and easily to fit any rider between 3’7” and 4’11” in height.  As a trailer, it can be hitched to practically any normal bicycle or any Hase trike, and the rider can participate in the action by pedaling along.  With its front wheel attached, junior has a complete trike with the works! The low center of gravity, large rear wheels and responsive steering make it a safe and fun ride. 

Price: $2,585